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Your worst nightmare has happened. You walk to your car, with the full expectation that it is going to take you someplace else, only to realize that it can no longer start. You jiggle the keys a bit, hoping it was just a one-time failure. And so you try again. It still won’t start.

Now you’re probably running all the possibilities in your head. But allow us to cut the process short for you. It is likely that you need to find a car starter replacement. Now lucky you because you have come to the right place.

We are Mobile Mechanic Zephyr Hills and we are the experts that people come to when they get a dead car. Take a look around the site to know the services we offer and to get an idea about who we are.

Car won’t start?

Contact us now and get assisted by our professionals. Also, consider checking the other services we provide like wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair!


About Our Services

Car Starter 101 –

First, we’ll answer one most common question among our customers: what is a car starter anyway?

Allow us to put it this way. Once you turn on the ignition of your car, your battery will send out a jolt of electricity that powers your car. Now what goes on between this process is important. You see, your car starter will be the first to receive said jolt from your battery. If it is functioning properly, it will be the messenger from your car’s battery to the alternator, successfully turning on the car.

 If you find out that your started is dead, then obviously, your car is not going to efficiently delivery the battery’s power into the alternator.

What should you do in case this happens? The best and wisest thing that you can do is to quickly give your mechanic a call. If you do not have one yet, then we might just be the fit for you.

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Why is your car starter not working?

You may be sitting there thinking about how you could have missed the signs that your car starter was about to fail. Again, allow us to pinpoint some of the signs that you might have ignored at the beginning.

Sign #1: You hear a distinct groan or whine when you turn on your car.

You might have playfully joked about it some time saying that your car did not seem to want to go anywhere but the garage. But this is actually a very strong telltale sign that it is in its last stages of servicing you.

What you should have done: once you hear your car produce a sound that it does not typically exhibit (this especially applies to when you are about to turn it on), then make sure to bring it in for a quick check-up right away.

Sign #2: You notice a bit of smoke coming from your hood.

This could actually be a lot of things, but a fried car starter is often the cause of this. With so much power from the battery going nowhere, this is the likely effect that it will exhibit.


What you should have done: at this point you are allowed a moment of panic. After all, it is not everyday that you see smoke emerge from your car. Once you have gathered your wits, you should automatically call us for back-up. This is an emergency situation that should never be ignored. 

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Starter Replacement (3)

Sign #3: You notice that your starter looks sleek from oil.

Say you are a meticulous car owner and you regularly check the hood of your car. Good on you. However, unlike your car’s brake fluid and engine oil, you can not simply peek into your starter to see if it will still work for you in the next months that will follow. However, you can note whether or not your starter is drenched in oil.

What you should have done: if you are not sure what this means, then it is always a good idea to ring in the experts so they can explain the situation to you. Better yet, call us for help. We will be more than happy to assist you in case something like this comes up.

So there you have it. If you noticed some of these things earlier and granted that your car’s starter is still working, then do the smart thing and contact Mobile Mechanic Zephyr Hills right away!

Our Main Service:

When it comes to car starter repair and replacements, we are well-known here at Zephyr Hills. We have been serving the area for close to a decade now and we are still getting started.

Just to give you a rundown of what we do here. What we mostly start with is to ask you to choose from our wide array of starters. We have a slew of brands here at our start, ranging from affordable to premium quality. The choice will all be up to you and your budget.

Once you have chosen or brought in your starter, we will go ahead and take out the battery and its cable, doing this carefully so as not to spark any incident.

Only after everything is secured will we take out your starter and replace it. We will make sure to rewire everything—checking and rechecking that everything is in place—before we even pop your car’s hood back on.

That is how meticulous our process is. There will be, of course, checks in between to make sure that everything is functioning just as they should be.

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“Car problems? Don’t look anywhere else. These guys are geniuses.”

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