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 “Mobile Mechanic Zephyr Hills’ passion for cars is contagious! They made me realize just how much a quick regular check-up can save me so much trouble—and money—in the long run. These are the guys who really know their way around cars.”

 “I didn’t think that the whining noise coming from my engine was a worn out fuel pump. Thanks to the crew over at Mobile Mechanic Zephyr Hills, I’ve been able to pinpoint the problem before it got out of control. Now, I’m driving smoothly and all the kinks and noises are now gone. Thanks, guys!” 

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“I have never come across a more passionate group of men and women. They really obviously love automobiles and hold these in high regard. They’ve been able to teach me a lot of things about my car, which I appreciate. Admittedly, one does not really read their car’s manual from cover to cover and I was surprised that these guys know more about my car than I did.”

But don’t just take their word for it! Try out our services for yourself to see just how much we can improve your car. We’ll do a thorough check on your car to make sure that everything is functioning as well as they should. We also make it a point to double check under the hood in case anything is amiss.

One of the most common (and often overlooked) issues? Faulty fuel pumps. Yes, these may not seem as major as the mechanism that drives power steering or as well-known as your car batteries, but these are essential in making sure that your car runs smoothly. In fact, it can dictate whether your car will run at all. Convinced about just how important a fuel pump is? Allow us to explain further as to what it does.

Fuel Pump Repair –

Let us begin by telling you just what a fuel pump us. These is the system in your car that makes sure that your fuel tank receives enough power so you can move your car. It does so by making sure that there is enough pressure to keep your car moving smoothly.

So how will you know if your car’s fuel pump is bound for a repair? Here are some symptoms that your car might exhibit. If you notice one or multiple of these signs, make sure to give your mechanic a call right away.

Telltale Sign #1: You will hear a noise coming from your hood

This might be caused by a number of reasons (your power steering belt, for example), but if you have ruled out all other reasons, then the sound may be coming from your fuel tank. Why is it making this noise? Likely, you will hear this just as your engine is revving up to accelerate. This is your car trying to warn you that it does not have the capacity to run at a faster rate because it is not receiving enough fuel support from the pumps.

Telltale Sign #2: Starting your engine is a feat enough in itself

If you notice that your vehicle has a hard time starting up, then this might be a sign that your fuel pump needs to be replaced or repaired. Don’t worry about it. This is just one of the things that one will come across as car owners. Because your fuel pump is usually the driving force every time your engine gets turned on, an eventual wearing out is bound to happen. Just make sure that the moment you note that there is a problem turning on your engine, you take it to the experts right away. Just ring us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as car battery replacement and brake repair.

Fuel Pump Repair (2)

Telltale Sign #3: You notice your engine sputtering when you accelerate

Sputtering and jerky movements as you accelerate are just some of the telltale signs that you have to note. These are big indicators that your fuel pump is not operating in its most optimum level. Why? This is just your engine telling you that it cannot accelerate to your desired speed as smoothly because it is not supported by enough fuel.

Telltale Sign #4: Your car’s dead.

At this point, your car will no longer be able to turn on. This situation calls for the need for expert mechanics and we can be the guys to help you here.

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Our labor fees are affordable. However, we cannot guarantee that the parts in your car that needs to be replaced will be. Still, you should consider quality parts as an investment that will serve you for a long time. There is no use choosing cheaper parts that you will need to replace every so often, after all.

  •       We service the area of Zephyr Hills

We are a team born and raised in Zephyr Hills. We consider our job as a way for us to keep the city safe by eliminating as much vehicular accidents caused by faulty parts as much as we can.

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